Employee Recruitment

Our guarantee is only as good as our employees, and we strive to recruit the very best.  Our selection process is tailored by what pre-qualifications we look for in our potential employees:

  • Length of experience as a NYS OR NJ Licensed Security Guard

  • Prior Military or Law Enforcement Experience

  • Prior Customer Service Experience

We utilize the following outlets for recruitment based off the pre qualifications we look for:

  • NYS & NJ Dept. of Military & Naval Affairs (NY & NJ pre-screens and funnels potential employees for consideration)

  • WorkForce1 (NYC’s pre-screening recruitment program where they hold events and pre-screen potential employees and then hold employment fairs with pre-set potential employee interviews)

  • Various retail recruitment outlets such as Indeed.com & Glassdoor.com

We interview each applicant and conduct a thorough background check, including prior employer verification, drug screening, & 50 State criminal record check.


Once we find the right type of person we’d like to represent us to our clients, we focus on training the guards to provide tailored service.  

  • Pre-assignment training/instruction on all utilized systems (GuardTEK MPOST technology, Guard Metrics guard tour checkpoint system, all camera systems etc)

  • Pre-assignment training on all site specific reporting through mPost (Daily activity reports, incident reports, tour Reports, and visitor registration)

  • All aspects of customer service required, including how to customer service with residents/owners, guests & how to register/sign them in quickly and courteously, and how to deal with building staff to avoid all potential issues possible from personal interaction

  • Thoroughly train on aspects of expected appearance, including all site specific requirements (Police style uniform or in suit & tie, name tag/Company ID, hair neat & trim, no excess jewelry etc.) so that there are no instances of the guard appearing out of uniform, slovenly, and creating a good appearance for KPS & the client.


We offer our employees excellent wage & benefit packages to make sure once they start, they stay with us for a long time. This is beneficial for both KPS & you as our client. Turnover is the most crucial aspect to developing a long term relationship between you & KPS and guaranteeing our service to your building. 

We offer the following benefits in addition to our above industry average wages:

  • Participation in our ACA compliant Emblem Health Insurance Plan

  • Participation in our employer matching 401(a) plan

  • free NYS & NJ SORA License renewal

  • free NYS & NJSP mandated annual refresher training

  • Free suits/uniforms

In addition to the above, we also only promote supervisory level staff from our employee pool, ensuring no outside recruitment skipping over those who have worked hard, and deserve to be promoted. This offers incentive to our staff to work hard, knowing there is room to grow at KPS & with you as our client.